March 24,2020 – The last month has been pretty crazy for the world. Being a massage therapist at both a doctor’s office and a spa, needless to say I am currently not working. Since my life as everyone’s, has been pretty topsy turvy, so have my sleeping habits. A good night sleep especially in recent months, has been a challenge for me. 

So about a week ago, as I struggled to fall asleep, I threw in the towel around two am, and turned on the living room TV. Reruns of the show, ” Ghost Whisperer ” happened to be on. When this show initially aired, it soon became one of my favorites, especially the earlier seasons. For those of you not familiar with the show, here is a summary I found on the internet. ” The main character, Melinda Gordon, is a young woman who can communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died – and who seek her help. She uses her gift to relay significant messages and important information to the living, but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing. As a result the spirits’ survivors often question her ability. But when she helps both the souls who contact her and those who are still alive, she knows that her talent is more asset than liability.

This show debuted after my son died. So although I always believed in spirits and life after death, as did my son, his passing attracted me to this show even more. But one conclusion I feel the show leads you to, is that once a soul goes into the light or heaven, or whatever you believe happens when you die, you’re gone and your loved ones will not see or hear from you again until you also die. Again, this is my personal interpretation of the message this show purveys.

My beliefs go further than this. And again these are my beliefs. I optimistically choose to believe our souls are pure energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. I feel after we die, our souls are strong enough and possess the ability to, what I like to say, pop in on us now and then for a visit. I also believe they send us many signs to let us know that they are with us and know what’s going on in our lives.

There are some people that do believe that if our loved ones are trying to communicate with us, they are lost souls who have not crossed over, just like in the episodes of the ” Ghost Whisperer “. Therefore they choose not to believe in signs such as Cardinals, pennies and feathers coming from their loved ones who have died. They choose to believe they have crossed over and are happy, and that they won’t see or hear from them again until they too die. And that is ok. And maybe they are correct and I am wrong. Unfortunately we won’t know the truth until we do die. However, I personally wish they would open up their minds to the possibility. I think it might help in their grieving and healing.

I have seen posts on Facebook pages specifically for people who have lost a child, stating these beliefs. More personally, I also have a friend whose niece’s son passed away when he was twenty. She became very upset when her young grandson, who has never seen her son, pointed to a photo of him, knew his name, and expressed that he had seen and communicated with him. My friend’s niece was so upset because she believed her son was an earthbound lost soul.

So I guess the point of this post, is to be open to all the possibilities out there as to what might happen to us when we die. Hopefully this might include the belief that our loved ones have not only crossed over and are happy, but also that they can still see, visit and communicate with us in ways we’ll recognize, for example, hearing your loved ones favorite song on the radio. If you can allow this for yourself, maybe you will find peace.

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