May 28,2020

When my son Joey was alive, we both shared our beliefs to each other, that when we die our souls would live on. He believed in God and heaven. We had conversations about this often. We watched many movies together on this topic, the last being “THE SIXTH SENSE”. It was such an amazing movie we, along with my husband and younger son, watched it a second time. Whoever did the research for that movie, in my opinion, we’re spot on. So after Joey died, there was no doubt in my mind, that he would somehow contact me.

So soon after he died, he contacted an acquaintance of mine, Sabrina, who is a medium. I speak a lot about her and Joey’s communications to me through her in my book. I know many people do not believe in life after death, let alone mediums, and that’s their perogative. But based on my experiences with Sabrina, I have no doubt in my mind that Joey communicated to me through her.

I haven’t had a session with Sabrina in years, since she lives quite a distance from me. However, about a year ago, I decided to try a local medium. I had heard great things about her. It’s not like I need to have a session with one, but every so often I get a desire to go.I will call her Laura.

So my experience with Laura was wonderful. As normal, I gave her no information about myself or my situation, so as not to influence my reading. She asked the questions as necessary. Right off the bat, Joey was there. She picked up his funny personality immediately. She said he was sitting right next to me and touching my hair. She told me that if I sometimes get the feeling that something is touching me but nothing is there, Joey told her it’s him messing with me.

He also messed with Laura’s music, which was on Sirius Radio, which she controlled with her phone. He would turn it up, then down, then off and so on. She showed me she was not doing it. Finally she just gave up adjusting the volume.

Joey told me through her, many things about how he also visits my husband, younger son and granddaughter. I will maybe share these stories another time. But one thing Laura told me that Jeff commented on was spot on.  But before I share that, I need to give you some additional information.

Some years after Joey passed, my husband and I moved into a smaller, older home that needed some work. So one of our main projects was fixing up the kitchen. We finally finished most of the work by Christmas 2018, before my reading with Laura. And we did major work. We moved around cabinets, changed the location of the sink, washer and dryer,  heating & cooling duct and bought all new appliances. My favorite new appliance was my ceramic top stove. I wanted one for years. Unfortunately til this day, I obsess over caring for the ceramic top.

So on Christmas Day 2018, before my reading with Laura, all my usual family members came over to celebrate at our house. As I was preparing the food, there was major spillage on the new stove top. Panicking, I grabbed the wrong cleaner and had a minor meltdown. Of course now I realize that it was cleanable, but I still obsess about the care of this stove.

So back to my reading with Laura, out of the blue she asked me if we had done some major work in our kitchen. So of course I answered yes. But she again emphatically said ” I mean major work like moving big stuff around.” So again, not knowing where she was going with this, I answered yes again. Then she said that Joey wanted me to know that he really liked it. Then she said Joey wanted to know, “what’s up with that stove Mom.” I honestly could picture him saying that to me! There is no way Laura could have known about our kitchen remodel, let alone my obsession with my new stove. I knew without a doubt, that Joey was there with us.



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