Most parents don’t have to celebrate their child on the anniversary of the day they died. Unfortunately for me and my family, June 12 is that day for us. Twenty years ago today, our oldest son at the young age of twenty, passed over to the other side. We miss him everyday. But June 12 is even more difficult, because all the memories of that day seem to come rushing back. This year is even more significant, because after today, our son will be gone, longer than he was with us. But rather then mourn our loss on this day, we choose to celebrate his life, and recall all the beautiful memories we were blessed to make with him.

So today Jeff, I remember the day we brought you home from the hospital. It was a crisp, sunny day in December, 1979. As first time parents, your Dad and I finally sat down together on the couch in our living room after getting you to sleep. It had been a pretty hectic day of pretty much not knowing what to do with this precious boy God had blessed us with. We looked at each other and shared the sentiment, “would our lives ever be the same?” Well, the answer to that, they were not. Our lives were forever better, having you in them.

So today Jeff, I also remember the song on your mobile, “When You Wish Upon A Star” playing, as you looked at it in wonder. I remember how much you loved the TV shows, THE KNIGHT RIDER, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, HE-MAN/MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, TRANSFORMERS AND SCOOBY- DOO, and the hours you spent and enjoyed playing with those toys. I remember how at the start of every summer, you hated wearing shorts and sandals until you got used to them again. I remember the day you helped your younger brother learn how to ride your KNIGHT RIDER two wheeler without training wheels. I remember your Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation days. I remember all the happy birthdays you shared with your friends at your parties. I remember the days you won your two Cub Scout Pine Wood Derbies, with that beautiful smile beaming on your face. I remember your bowling days, and your soccer and baseball games. I remember how much you loved skateboarding, way before it was popular. I remember you playing your favorite music in your bedroom, on your purple stratocaster guitar that your Dad bought you for your 20th birthday. How you loved that guitar! I remember the day you received your high school diploma, and how happy and proud you were. We too were so proud of you because that was a major accomplishment for you ! I remember the day you tested and earned your purple KUNG FU sash, and how I took your photo to commemorate that special day. And one special moment I will never forget, is the last BEAR HUG you gave me. If I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough, I can still feel your arms around me.

These are your beautiful life stories Jeff, we remember today.






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