What do you do when your child dies?  It’s a scenario none of us want to think about.  But for some of us, this unspeakable thought becomes a reality.  So in June of 2000, my oldest son Joey passed away.  How could we continue without him?  It seemed impossible.  Yet somehow, with a lot of love, faith and determination, I, my husband John and my younger son Jeremy, very slowly began to find ways to continue without Joey.

About ten years ago, after a conversation with a mom who had also lost her son, I realized that maybe my story might help others deal with their loss.  Maybe some of the concrete things I and my family found helped us, might help them.

So soon after that light bulb moment, I began writing my story.  I wrote this book out of love for Joey, John and Jeremy.  It has been an extremely difficult process.  Yet I feel it turned out to be a very important part of my grieving and healing process.

So if you have lost a child or any loved one, and are having a difficult time finding your way, maybe my journey of survival might help.  I want people to understand that you can be happy again after the death of your child.  Getting there is not easy but possible.  Your life is just different, but happiness is attainable.

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