August 16, 2019

Before my Son died, there are a lot of things about our loved ones who have died, that I never gave much thought to. One of those ideas is the possibility of very young children seeing these spirits who might even have died years before they were born. I’m talking about spirits with a personal connection to a child, not some random possibly scary spirit.

Some believe that children up until the age of around seven, usually can see the spirit world as they are newly here from heaven. Spirits often reveal to mediums that they are spending time with the children, talking and playing with them. The children can very much have a relationship with them from the other side.

Many believe, as do I, that the spiritual world is all around us, and we all can tune into this world. Sometimes it’s a matter of whether we want to or whether we are ready. We are all made up of energy, and energy never goes away; we just move in a different direction.

Young children don’t have the limitations of life and belief systems installed fully. They have not been taught that spirits don’t exist so that limitation is not there. I and many believe that our deceased loved ones are most certainly watching over us, and that they take advantage of this opening to visit young children in particular. After all, young children are new to life, and it probably brings much joy to these spirits that they are beginning their life journey. These spirits will most likely be deceased relatives like grandparents coming through.

You may ask what is the difference between an imaginary friend and a spirit? From what I’ve read, imaginary friends tend to be flexible to a situation. When you ask a child about details, they’ll often pause and create answers. But a spirit, like a real person, will not be flexible and the answers will be quite forthcoming. They’ll often be able to describe them with amazing accuracy and details without hesitation.

Now for some personal examples.

Story #1 – When my son Joey was probably around seven, there was a thirteen year old boy Sam from our neighborhood, who would take care of our next-door neighbors animals when they were out of town. Joey and his best friend Jeremy got to know Sam very well when he was on animal duty. Unfortunately, Sam sadly took his own life at the age of 13. For weeks after Sam passed, Joey would cry out at night from his bedroom and tell us that he saw Sam at his bedroom window. At that time I thought that maybe Joey was just dreaming. But thinking back, maybe he did see Sam.

Story #2 – My friend’s niece, Erin, had a son, Luke, who passed away in an accident many years ago when he was around twenty years old. Erin’s surviving son, Harry, years later married and had a son, Tommy. One day, Tommy was visiting his grandmother Erin’s house. As he was, he pointed to a photo of Luke and recognized him as if he knew him very well. Unfortunately, Erin felt that this incident meant Luke was a lost soul who had not found his way to heaven, rather than a loving uncle probably visiting his nephew Tommy.

Story #3 – I too was recently blessed with the birth of my first grandchild, Olivia. Recently when I had a reading with a local medium, she shared that my son Joey told her that he visits Olivia when she’s in her crib. The medium told me that when anyone looks at Olivia’s baby monitor when she’s in her crib, it may appear that she’s looking at the mobile attached to her crib, but many times she’s looking at Joey. She also said that when my son or daughter in law look at the monitor, sometimes they may see small orbs of light which would be a spirit presence. Joey also shared that as Olivia gets a little older, she will get to know him. They will speak to each other and he will always protect her.

And so there you have it. These stories may or may not prove that sometimes very young children do see spirits of loved ones. However, always trying to be an optimist, I choose to believe it is certainly a possibility. In fact, many of you may have your own stories.









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