June 14, 2019

Joey’s Special Mementos

So I hadn’t looked through Joey’s personal belongings he left behind lately, so I decided to do so this week of his anniversary.

I keep many of his treasures in a beautiful wooden box he made in high school shop class. He did such an amazing job! He would’ve been a wonderful carpenter like my Dad.

So many memories: his orange and green karate belts from when he was little,  his white, yellow, orange and purple sashes from Kung Fu as a adult, many photos of him and Emma, a photo of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s personal belongings at a Hard Rock Café John and I had visited, a photo of Jim Morrison’s grave in France from my niece when she visited France, and a ticket from a Kenny Wayne Shepherd concert.. Also in the box were a little prayer blanket he himself had knitted while in recovery, kung fu nunchucks, his First Holy Communion prayer book, a letter from his uncle, my sister’s husband, when he was in the Gulf War, birthday cards from family, and two little plastic figurines, a cowboy and an indian. What a life he had, and so many memories he made!

I also looked through a bag of his shirts I have saved which included an Atlanta Braves jersey, his favorite baseball team and Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughn and  Beatles tee shirts.

All of these personal items are beautiful mirrors of my son’s beautiful life, his love for his family and friends, music and the martial arts.

As I touched all of his beautiful things, this little poem I recently posted on my facebook page came to mind. How beautiful and true it is!

I found a picture of you

One I had not seen in awhile

I held it gently in my hands

Lost for a moment in your smile

I found a card from  you

Written in your own special way

I held it gently in my hands

Lost for a moment in that day

Memories, sweet gifts from you

To allow my heart a breath

To let me be lost for a moment

To remember life not just death

Heaven Garden



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