May 1, 2019

Today I am starting a new chapter, a new adventure in my life, ” Blogging. ” When I was first presented with this idea, my initial reaction was, no way! I am not and will never claim to be anywhere near technologically savvy. Everyday, using  my laptop, tablet or cell phone can be a challenge for me!

So one day relatively recently, I was having a conversation with my best friend from childhood about my book, Facebook page, webpage and blogging. I mentioned how I probably wouldn’t be blogging. But I also then shared with her that even while I was having my book manuscript typed, and later my book printed, I already was feeling that there were so many other ideas and stories I wished I had included. But I wanted to finally finish my book and get it out there. So she said to me, that is why you should blog, to tell those stories you wish you had included. At that moment I realized she was right. Although I have finished my book, my journey has not stopped. It will continue until the day I die. So maybe by blogging, I could continue to honor my son, and possibly continue to help others.

When my son passed away almost nineteen years ago, times were different. There pretty much was no social media, and getting things out there especially on your own, was much more difficult and quite overwhelming. I remember my younger son Jeremy  and I talked about doing something to honor my older son Joey.  We thought about maybe starting a music scholarship at their high school in Joey’s memory, because Joey loved music and really was quite a guitarist. Needless to say, we didn’t know where to begin. Jeremy was only fifteen years old and I was basically just trying to survive, so this wonderful idea quickly fell by the wayside.

In the years since Joey passed, as we all know, life has changed dramatically, especially with social media. Unfortunately, during the last nineteen years, I have also known many friends and acquaintances who have also lost their children or siblings or other loved ones. But with social media and through knowing many of them, I did get a sense of how differently people dealt with their loss.

I know people who have started non profit organizations in memory of their loved one, supporting wonderful causes near and dear to their hearts. These people are amazing! They work tirelessly to promote and raise money for their cause out of love for their family member who has passed. I so admire these people. They are special!

I also know people who have lost a loved one, and have yearly fundraisers, like a golf tournament or race, in memory of their one, and donate the money to a special cause or scholarship in their loved ones name. Again, amazing people!

I also  know people who have lost a child or loved one, who was passionate about a cause. They have honored their loved one by picking up the torch and continuing where their loved one left off. Again amazing people!

I know people who have lost a child or loved one, and have immersed themselves into loving and helping their surviving children, grandchildren and other family members. They too are amazing!

But sadly, I also know people who have lost children or family members, and are just struggling to survive. I’ve unfortunately seen some of them just wither away. But they too are amazing people!

All of these people are amazing, because they are all trying to survive one of the worst things that could’ve happened to them, the death of a loved one.  They all are  trying to heal and continue their lives the best they can.

So through my book and blog, I am hoping to maybe help some people who have lost a child or loved one. And maybe if I am really lucky, I may reach one of the survivors that is truly struggling.


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