May 14, 2019

Today is my sister’s birthday. She is my only sibling but the best sister ever! I would like to share with you a story she reminded me of. However, before I do, a little background information is necessary, especially if you haven’t read my book.

Joey had never been what I would consider an avid reader. But during the last few years of his life he became one. Needless to say, his interests were reflected in his book choices.

Joey loved scary stories and movies just like I did. We were kindred spirits in that respect. Two of his favorite authors were Stephen King and Anne Rice. He had many Stephen King books and Anne Rice’s series of novels, ” The Vampire Chronicles.”

Another one of Joey’s special interests was the martial arts. He was taking Kung Fu and earned his purple sash before he died. His idol was Bruce Lee. So not only did he have many books about him but also VHS tapes. He loved him and the principles he believed in.

So in Joey’s bedroom closet there was a bookcase where he kept all his books. He had them organized by author or topic. He was so proud of what he called his book collections. I remember the day he organized them. He called me into his room to show me his handiwork. We both stood side by side in his room admiring his accomplishment. I still have all his books which I plan on someday reading.

So one day I share with my sister that I’m writing my book, probably about six months before I self published it. She was so surprised but very happy for me. So needless to say we started reminiscing about Joey. She reminded me about the following.

We sold our house in 2003, three years after Joey passed. Needless to say his room was pretty much in tact the way he left it. It was difficult to change anything after he died. So my sister was over helping me pack some things for the move. We were upstairs in another room but not in Joey’s. All of a sudden we hear a bang in Joey’s room like something had fallen. As we enter his room, we see one book that had fallen by itself out of Joey’s bookcase. My sister remembers it being a book about some martial arts guy. I knew it was a Bruce Lee book. Joey’s bookcase was pretty full and the books tightly placed. It was as if someone grabbed the book off the shelf and dropped it to get our attention. We both just looked at each other and felt in our hearts that it was Joey telling us that he was ok and there with us. What a sweet memory!

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